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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

FLORA   INDICA.                                               11
grosse aristato-dentatis, sepalis oblongis, - filamentis angoste ligulatis
a. rugosa; foliis latjoribos obtusiusculis rugosis reticulate veno-
sis subtus dense albotomentosis, catdibus tomentbsis.—C/Buchanani-
ana, Watt. Cat. 46.77 !; Don, Prod. 191. .
p. vtiifotia; foliis tenuioribus cano-pubesceiitibus vel subglabris,
caulibus pubescentibus.—C. vitifolia, Watt..Cat. 4676 !
y. tortuosa; fpliis. glabrfusculis sericeo-venosis vel glaberrimis,
•caulibus laxe fulvo-pilosis.—C. tortuosa, Wall. Cat. 4675!
HAB. In Himalaya temperata, alt. '5-10,000 ped.: Panjab Hima-
laya! G-arhwal! Kumaonl Nipal! Sikkiml; <et in moiitibtts Khasia,.alt.
4-6000 ped.!—a In Himalaya occidental! vulgaris, 0 ety in humidiori-
bus Himalayas orientalis .et Khasia.—(0: u.)
Rami valid!, rotnndati*. Foliola 2-3-nncialia, basi cordata, obtusa vel acntiuscok,
Integra vel inseqoaliter triloba, -Panieula, parce ramosa, ramis pedicellisque toinen-
tosis, Bractea foliacese, interdum verticilJataj, varie incisse. Sepala, liaeari-oljloliga,
dense iomentosa. Filame-nta sepala snbasquautia, -Achenia ovata^-scricea.
Though we have divided this species into three varieties, wJJeh correspond to the
three species of Dr. Wallich, no great importance must be attached to this mode of
grouping, -as a regular gradation can be traced from the most hoary state of a, Jo the
glabrous leaves and' hairy stems of 7. The amount of variation in pubescence in this
species is very remarkable; specimens which, in shape of leaves and flowers, are abso-
lutely •undistinguishable, being often $uite' dissimilarly clothed.
17.  C. connata (DC. Prod, i 4); glabra, foliis,pinnatiseetis, fo-
liolis'5-7 ovatis basL eordatis, petiolis (saepius) basi dilatatis connatis,
filamentis e basi ligulata filiformibus longe pitosis,—Wall. Cat. 46791
C. venosa, Moyle, III. 5L   C. ampiexicaulis. G. velutina, et C,"gracilis,
Edgew.! in Linn. Tr. xx. 24, ^5.
HAB. In. Himalaya temperafca, alt. 6-10,000 ped: -. Eashtwar J Ku-
inaon! Nipal !* Siklom!—(FL autuuiiio.) (t?. t?.)
Rami validi, sulcati, preesertim ad articolos glancescentes. Folia marima; sseper pe-
dalia, pinnatisecta, summa tematisecta; foliola, remota, 2-5 nncias. longa, 2-3 lata,
acnminata, serrata vel grosse dentata, Integra vel ineequaliter trilotia; Panieula laze
ramosse, rami gracfles pauciflor®. Bractea (dum acUnnt) feliaceae, lanceolate; den-
tate vel integrse, sed saepe minute. Sepala oblonga, acutiuscula, cancr-tomentosa icel
puberula, rarius gkbrescentia, margine cinereo-pubesceatia, Ifclamenta. sepalis bre-,
viora. Achema ovalia, sericeo-pilosa.
SloWers smaller than in 0. JSuckanmiana. They vary .ranch in amount of pubes-
cence. "We can find no characters of importance to separate the different forma
which Mr. Bdgeworth has considered as distinct. His specimens,.which' are now*
before us, certainly .exhibit differences in the shape of the leaves; but we think that
he has not made sufficient allowance for the great amount of variation to -which all
the species of this genus are subject, and feel confident that, with a suite of specimens •
as extensive as that which we possess, he would not even consider them as varieties.
18.  C. acrqninata (DC. Syst. i. 148, Prod. i. 6) 5 glaberHjim, pe-
tiolis basi non dilatatis, foliis ternatisectis, foliolis lucidis triuervibt&
ovatis acmnimitis, floribus parvulis subglabris,'filamentis fete ligulatis
lenge scriccis.- Wall. Cat. 4670!; l)6n, Prod. 192.
HAB. In Hu&aiuy.Jempfrata: Kumaou-! Nipal! Sikkim!—(t?.r.)